I am moving journals.


Help please
So I am jobless right now. Do to some work place drama.
As of right now I am flat broke, like i don't even have five dollars to my name.

So I was kind of toying around with offering some SUPER CHEAP commissions.

If any ones interested I will make some examples up.


It's funny how a little bit of makeup goes a long way.

it's funny how I NEVER update anymore. Unless it's photos poop.

love post.

My trip went okay.
I'd blab about it but most of it was emotional stuff that I am sure would bore you all to death.
I love my girlfriend so much that I could go on and on about her. I ramble about her everyday to people and get annoyed stares. I can cry around her with out feeling ashamed, when we walk together outside I clutch onto her because I am scared she's going to disappear into thin air. I love how she can send me a simple text or say something and i will just blush and smile. I have never felt closer to anyone as I do now.

Guess who is making a Zine?
guess who is sealing her zine at a local store in winnipegs hot spot?

ME yeah thats right.

Also could anyone see me with a Monroe piercing?

So I thought it would be a good idea to go to 14mm from being at a double zero.
Apparently I was wrong. [I am currenly at 13mm's I think? the plugs I am wearing right now say 1/2]
They are both swollen but they don't really hurt that much. No throbbing pain/ or discharge.
I don't know how badly I ripped them. I haven't been able to check since they were pouring blood.

I am kind of scared to check my lobes right now in fear of them bleeding everywhere again also I don't own anything that could sit in my ear since all's I have a plugs now a days.

So if anyone has any idea of what I should do please help.

THIS JUST IN: I just cleaned them off. They are not bleeding anymore.
BUT there is some rip-age for sure. I don't think it went all the way through[it ripped near my second hole. Which I also ripped a while back. but I still think I am running the risk of a blow out.

Almost there.
I don't do things anymore.

My life isn't worth typing/talking about.


(no subject)
So since the list REAL post that wasn't like for lines long or a picture post.

I learned that I fail at updating because I never do anything.
Lets see......

Unexciting things that have happened where doing ecstasy for the VERYLASTTIME
I don't really remember anything. I remember kissing Myles And Aurora and Chris.
I remember video games and sleeping. But there is a HUGE gap missing. It really bugs me when I cannot remember things. This is why I used to drag my camera around with me every where.
So no more anything for a while.

I ran out of smokes last week but haven't been bothered to buy any since then.
I need to pay my moth 240 dollars by tomorrow or she'll take my phone away from me. Which mean I am leaving the house at 8:45 tomorrow morning to get my ass to a bank. Maybe I'll stop some where for breakfast. A good nights rest is in order.

Alls I do when I am home by myself is write up short stories about my characters but I never post them. I don't know if anyone would want to read them anyways. There stupid rough and sketchy. haha kind of like my art. lol.

What else. This week is gay pride. and I am not going. Instead I am going to drink beer at Sean's house or stay home in my basement watching the Super Mario Bothers Super Show. But I am not going to pride fuck the noise. To many people I don't want to see. And I know I'll see them.

Troy might be giving me his old Ps2 tomorrow if he buys a ps3. This makes me super happy hello Final Fantasy and Silent Hill along with some others games. I think Troy is going to tose some in. Yay.

October is dead.

Whatever. I give up.

Don't ignore me all day.

Don't explode on me.

Just don't.

Photography [TogoodForthepublic]

Dee Jai

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Dreads are of course out.

I want to be a RUDE GIRL.

in other important news.

I think I am going to do some small Painting/Drawings/Patches/plushies.
For People who wants one?

ladyknightmare Comes in tomorrow. lol Korn.


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